Three’s Program

Building Bridges Preschool embraces a three year old child’s developing language, social, emotional and imaginative skills. We allow for a gentle phase in at the beginning of the school year to ensure the children acclimate comfortably into the classroom environment and to feel safe and secure with their teachers and classmates. Through interactive storytelling, games and activities, we focus on friends and feelings at the beginning of the school year. We encourage exploration and imagination when we learn about our five senses and our human body study.

Our spring artist study allows children to explore various artists creative styles and mediums. All of our classes will regularly visit our outdoor interactive center where we will explore and learn about gardening/composting/science with a hands on approach. Our goal is to lay the foundation for a child’s academic learning through story-telling, developing math skills, science projects, and lively discussion during group circle time.

Building Bridges encourages children to be ‘thinkers’; as there are multiple intelligences, we believe there to be multiple opportunities for children to develop thinking skills. We encourage children to participate in long-term small-group & individual projects which explore their interests and deepen their understanding of the world. Such projects provide opportunities for communication & self-expression, teamwork, problem-solving and reflection. In developing curriculum for this kind of work, the staff is flexible and sensitive to children’s interest, and projects can last as long and go as in-depth as children’s interest dictates.

Building Bridges’s academic program balances basic skills and critical thinking with collaborative learning and interdisciplinary study. A strong and coherent program enables students to become lifelong learners who are confident, competent, and intellectually curious. Teachers use varied approaches to provide countless opportunities for learning. A core learning curriculum is combined with the belief that the arts and creative expression are an integral part of daily life. Daily time is also devoted to gross-motor skills play in or outside and a healthy snack is always served each day.